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Our Partners


Schüco International KG (Germany) develops and markets complete aluminum, PVC-U and steel systems, and solar products worldwide. The company provides a comprehensive range of products for all areas of the building envelope – both for large commercial projects and for private housing. This range includes systems for windows, doors, façades, conservatories and solar technology.

Schüco systems are the result of extensive research & development; the systems now available from Schüco have been engineered to overcome many of the deficiencies found in other system. The prime features are efficient drainage, thermal efficiency, ventilation of each module, and tolerances for expansion. ADAL is a duly licensed manufacturer of Schüco windows / curtain wall systems. This ensures that the customer is availed of the highest technical design standards & equally high quality.


air-lux is a floor-to-ceiling glass façade system with large-surface sliding windows and a unique sealing concept.

The maintenance-free air-lux sliding window system with sliding windows up to 18 m2 was developed by Krapf AG, a leading Swiss metal and façade engineering company and comprehensive provider of quality solutions. With air-lux, Krapf AG offers architects, façade planners and home-builders a versatile window façade system that is as architecturally and aesthetically appealing as it is structurally sound.


European Facade Products (EFP) is a Dutch based company, has specialized in developing aesthetic, custom made Facade and Glazing systems to the highest architectural and technical standards.

EFP has combined European Technology with efficient manufacturing techniques in order to serve the growing demand for high-tech, quality facade systems. Full dedication to quality, and more than 35 years of world wide experience in the development and marketing of aluminium facade systems, are the basis for all EFP Facade products & systems. In order to assure highest efficiency levels for each specific project, a team of systems specialists is at your service to develop the optimum technical solutions within the economic parameters. EFP is exclusively selling their systems to approved and trained fabricator-installers only.


Reynaers Aluminium develops and sells innovative and sustainable aluminium profiles for the building sector. Reynaers profiles are processed by fabricators and construction companies into windows, doors, sliding modules, conservatories, façades, skylights and sun screening systems.

They provide solutions to all types of architectural styles for both the residential (new build and renovation) and project market (apartments, office buildings, hotels, shopping centers, public buildings, schools, hospitals, etc.). Comfort, security, architectural design and energy-efficiency come first in the development of their products.

Reynaers Aluminium owes its leading position to its constant investments in the research and development of market-oriented products. Thanks to an advanced logistical approach the company succeeds in supplying its customers very efficiently. Reynaers satisfies the international ISO 9001:2000 quality standard.


RCN-Innovation in Aluminum Systems, Lda is a company dedicated to the creation, development, production and installation of minimalist aluminum systems for architecture, innovative in design and functionality.

In 2016, it presented the brand of minimalist systems EXPansion to the market. The functional design and reliability of the solutions presented by the EXPansion minimalist systems, allow you to be present in 21 countries in 2020 and have more than 500 completed projects already being a reference in the national and international market.


Barwa are the largest manufacturer of metal ceilings in Poland with more than 25 years of experience. They are Projecting and manufacturing raster ceilings, tray ceilings, panel ceilings, metal mesh ceilings and metal wall coverings and facades. Barwa implement projects using variety of materials such as: steel, aluminium, titanium-zinc sheets, cor-ten, composite, other alloys of colour metal.

Airclos Aluminium Systems

Airclos develop, manufacture and distribute enclosure and sun protection systems. Airclos has installed its aluminium systems in over 35 countries. Airclos offer quality products and an exclusive service, as well as to be at the forefront of technology, innovation and safety in the enclosure sector.
They offer a wide range of motorized mobile roofs and transparent fixed roofs, minimalist bifold doors, and Vertical Sliding window.


KAPHS is a leading supplier of high-end architectural products. Since its founding in 2003, KAPHS has achieved considerable success through the provision of specialty architectural products in Europe, the Middle East, North Africa, and South East Asia. KAPHS provides a wide range of products, including:

  • Metal Elements include a diverse range of products suitable for both facade as well as interior applications. Its range include Aluminium Expanded Metal Mesh, Woven Wire Mesh, Cast Aluminium and Perforated Screens.
  • Glass Products includes a range of Specialist Laminated Glass, U-Channel Glass, Honeycomb Glass and Transparent Media Screen.
  • – LISUS, offers a complete range of stainless-steel fittings for frameless glass installation.


Innovative and award-winning design of Pirnar entry doors attracts the attention of both owners and visitors. With elegantly hidden handles, hidden fingerprint reader, magic night illumination and beautiful handmade smooth surfaces, each door is a masterpiece for itself.
Pirnar luxury exterior doors are handmade, perfectly shaped and flawlessly constructed. Touch it. You will feel carefully selected high valuable materials, workmanship precision and experience of old artisan masters in every detail.

Pirnar allows you to choose any dimension, any style and one of the dozens of shapes within that style. You can choose any colour and surface treatment. The variety of possible combinations of handles, knockers and locks will delight even the most demanding.